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DCSL Mission Statement "Enhancing the lives of older adults through education, recreation, nutrition and social services in welcoming community settings."


Let’s Go Further Together!

Welcome to our Further Together campaign page, highlighting the stories of just 10 of the more than 300 Durham seniors that visit DCSL on any given day. If you would like to get these stories delivered to your email inbox, let us know!

Each of these stories reflect one common truth: when we devote time, love, money and energy to seniors, we ALL reap immediate and lasting benefits.

Can you imagine what we can create together by focusing twice as much on seniors‘ talents and passions as we do on any physical challenges or decline?

We hope you enjoy getting to know these DCSL members as much as we have.

Bill's Story

In 2015 after a brief hospitalization, I was looking for a way to physically rehabilitate and improve my overall physical health. My wife Sandra had already joined DCSL. She was enjoying her activities and relationships and recommended I look for some activities at DCSL. I have my wife to thank for finding DCSL.

Since joining DCSL I have improved my overall health, but I hadn’t anticipated how much I would enjoy the social interactions and relationships with other members. DCSL is fun.

Now DCSL provides me with opportunities to continue learning new things while having fun. Being retired it is very important to have “somewhere to go” that gets you out of the house. I volunteer as a class instructor. Through volunteering, I feel like I’m making a meaningful contribution, which is important at this age.

At 68 years old, I’m wiser, more emotionally mature and patient, with many skills and much knowledge developed over a lifetime of learning and experience. DCSL is an outlet to share and express a lifetime of knowledge and experience, while continuing to learn and grow at the same time.

~ Bill Porter


Ms. Ferrell's Story

I fell in love with Durham Center for Senior Life from the first day that it opened in the downtown area. I was glad to hear that the Durham officials were making a place where seniors could go for activities and I liked that it was nearby. I had previously participated in activities at the Senior Citizens Council before it became the Durham Center for Senior Life.

I love all the activities, exercise, meeting people, and making new friends. The staff is always nice, and keeps me informed of the activities. I just love having somewhere I can go which is safe and suitable for seniors.

The center keeps me alert and learning new things. The programs are set up with exercises that I can do, even while sitting in a chair. The center also gives a lot of helpful information on many topics such as health, safety, programs for seniors, helpful tips and diet.

If I miss an activity, staff or a friend calls to check up on me. I encourage everyone to be part of the Durham Center for Seniors because there is something there to do all the time. You can stay just for an hour, or stay all day and everyone is always so friendly and caring.

~ Ms. Ferrell


The Gregorys' Story

I learned of DCSL through former councilman Eddie Davis after my wife survived a stroke which caused aphasia. Mr. Davis told me about the day support program (Adult Day Health). The day program lets me take care of all the things I need to do while my wife is cared for and safe.

My wife survived a second stroke in which caused her personality to change. Our daughter has helped us, as has the NCCU communications department and other doctors.

We keep coming to the Adult Day program for the people. It’s the people- the staff, the other seniors that make a difference for my wife and for me. I fear the day when I won’t be able to wake her up or if I am in the hospital and unable to care for her.

Until that day my wife is a retired school teacher, teacher advocate, and caterer and I am a computer engineer. We will live life to the fullest with bi-monthly nail and hair appointments, monthly lunch dates with friends, and our own dates out together.

~ The Gregorys


Kathee's Story

I retired from SunTrust bank in 2014 and soon after checked out DCSL. I discovered the center had so many programs and I felt drawn to join. I quickly found that I loved the people and could make a difference as a volunteer and began helping the staff. I still love the people at DCSL. I show up with smiles and hugs and soon I am getting smiles and hugs too. Being a part of DCSL is AMAZING. It is pure JOY!

Over the past 4 years, I helped collect all the documentation needed to prepare for a re-certification so that DCSL will continue being a “Center of Excellence”. This project was time-consuming and I made an impact. I felt I met a need at the center as well this project met my need to be needed. We all need to feel needed. I need to use my skills and to feel needed. I love the ability to volunteer to make people feel loved. I love to see their smiles and receive their hugs. We all need smiles and hugs.

I am committed to providing support to the staff and the people at DCSL. DCSL is reaching people who need a place to come to have contact with other people and to be active. Loneliness is unhealthy and DCSL gives us a place to have human contact. I feel like I’m making a difference by being a part of DCSL, assisting with programs, fellowship and social services.

~ Kathee


Cynthia's Story

I retired from the Durham Public School System in June 2009. In July, I came to the center to check things out because I was not ready to just sit at home and do nothing. I fell in love with the center when I saw all the free classes and activities. I think I tried some of everything until I found my fit. I found my fit in beginning yoga. I loved yoga so much so that I became certified to teach it. I found that by teaching yoga, I helped others and myself.

My personal relationships with the center's participants keep me involved and engaged. We're friends of like minds. As a 70 years-young person, I have no worries or fears about aging because I know that as long as I keep moving, keep learning new things, and maintaining the relationships I've formed, I'm going to age gracefully.

DCSL provides activities and programs to help us to thrive, not just live, but to thrive in our “old” age.

Currently I am learning how to use essential oils to promote healing and lessen stress. I recently became a second level Reiki Practitioner. But most importantly, when I learn something that’s good, I share it with my friends at DCSL.

~ Cynthia Ferebee


Paul's Story

Deeper love happens over time. My love for DCSL started with the baby grand piano in the lower commons or as I affectionately call it, the community room. But it deepened when I started to get to know the people who regularly gather there. Three years later my love is strong, very strong.

I play the piano in the community room twice a week and for special occasions. I serenaded the crowd for a recent Valentine’s Day and have joined in a few jam sessions. The more people I meet and engage with while playing music the more I want to be at DCSL. I miss it when I can’t get there.

I am lucky, in that I am fairly healthy at age 70. I have family and friends. I worry about the future for my kids and grand-kids, but I am fine. DCSL gives me an opportunity to share my joy of music (and old R&B songs) with the crossroads of people that pass thru the center. We need daily joy to help us all maintain hope for tomorrow.

~ Paul Cook


Kathleen's Story

I got connected to DCSL through the Adult Day Health (ADH) program. My father, Thomas, has an Alzheimer's-based dementia. He cannot be left alone and he needs assistance with certain daily and personal tasks. I am his sole caregiver. He is a good-natured fellow and enjoys joking with other, even if his jokes are often "re-runs"! His middle name is Vernon and he will often introduce himself as "T.V., the greatest thing since radio."

My Dad retains little to no short-term or long-term memory. Rather he truly lives in right-this-moment. I am comforted with knowing that ADH fills each of his “right-this-moments” with activities, social activity, exercise, games, and puzzles. Puzzles are his favorite!

As I age, I aspire to continue thriving in the things that are most important to me. Being a part of a community, helping others, remaining grateful, and maintaining physical intellectual emotional and spiritual fitness are all activities and areas of interest to me.

As long as I can keep my Dad safe and myself well, I can keep my Dad home instead of in residential care. Having a safe, nurturing place for my father to be each day is a huge part of making it possible for me to meet my own needs with confidence that my Dad is well and safe. ADH gives me time for my own social life, activities and interests and rejuvenates me to provide his necessary care and to enjoy him on evenings and weekends.

~ Kathleen & T.V. "The Greatest thing since Radio"