Congregate Meals
Our Congregate Meal services are offered at three Satellite Senior Centers in Durham. The
Durham Center for Senior Life Congregate Meals Program
Congregate Meal Services are intended to promote social, emotional, and physical well-being in older adults age 60 years plus. We do this by providing a nutritional lunch 5 days a week as well as socialization activities. Currently, our Congregate Meal Service serves approximately 150 individuals daily.
In order to participate in our the Congregate Meal Service, each senior must be eligible for service. The requirements to attend our Congregate Meal Service are:
  • A person must be 60 or older
  • Complete a registration application
If you do not meet these requirements and need further assistance we do offer Special Eligibility for others. The Special Eligibility requirements are:
  • Volunteers- any person who volunteers and is under the age of 60 who assists with the operation at Congregate Meal sites. Volunteers age 60 years and under must work 20 hours per quarter.
  • Spouses- an underage spouse is eligible to attend the Congregate Meals Service if the older adult spouse meets the requirements for Congregate Meals.
"The meal at the Congregrate Meals Service gives us such a delight! They are warm and nutritious. It also helps keep your body healthy."
Ethelene, DCSL at W.D. Hill
Congregate meals can be offered to a person with a disability under age 60 if:
  • People under 60 years of age with disabilities can provide proof of disability status
  • A person with a disability who does not meet the age criteria, but lives with and accompanies an eligible senior to a Congregate Meal site.

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