DCSL Caregiver Program
The Family Caregiver Support Service for Durham residents, provides caregivers with assistance in obtaining information, making decisions and solving problems related to their responsibilities in caring for older adults.
Through this service, caregivers can access information on resources and services available within their community. They can receive counseling and participate in a monthly caregiver support group driven by the interests and concerns of participants.
We also offer free, in-home respite care services that allows caregivers to have a scheduled time of rest or relief knowing that their loved one is safe and cared for.
Caregiver education is offered in collaboration with Durham Cooperative Extension to provide caregivers with Powerful Tools for Caregivers, a six-week educational program designed to provide the tools needed to decrease stress as they care for loved ones. This series helps caregivers learn to reduce stress, improve self-confidence, better communicate feelings, balance life, increase ability to make tough decisions, and locate helpful resources.

"I really appreciate it and the great work that you all do. It speaks volumes when I see my Dad bounce out of there in the evenings with a big smile, singing and often with a spring in his step. There are no words to thank you enough for the care and kindness that the staff all show to my Dad and others. Thanks for all that you do!" Caregiver
DCSL caregiver support
Caregivers at our Spring Retreat

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